Healthcare Chatbots Market Size, Share, Trends, Value, Technology, & Forecast

As large language models such as BERT, GPT-2, and BART have been provided as open source tools for research and the healthcare industry, we have already begun to see incredible development blossom. And then a few healthcare specific tech companies with a penchant for protecting patient data will move the needle forward in innovation. In […]

Whats The Difference Between Object & Image Recognition?

“It’s visibility into a really granular set of data that you would otherwise not have access to,” Wrona said. All of these, and more, make image recognition an important part of AI development. So, let’s dive into how it has evolved, and what its significance is today. The image we pass to the model (in […]

Exploring the potential of healthcare chatbots

On the other hand, with an OTP verification system, virtual assistants can ensure that only verified users schedule appointments in your facility. A healthcare virtual assistant can easily help you overcome the problem of managing appointments. It acts as a conversational agent to your patients to schedule an appointment with the relevant doctor in your […]

How Banking Process Automation Can Transform Your Financial Institution

AVS «checks the billing address given by the card user against the cardholder’s billing address on record at the issuing bank» to identify unusual transactions and prevent fraud. Benchmarking, on the other hand, simply allows institutions to stay up with the competition; it rarely leads to innovation. As the cliché goes, innovation is a critical […]

12 Best Ecommerce Chatbots Actually Worth the Money 2023

The AI-enabled text-based chatbot has been widely used in the online purchasing process. On the one hand, the service provided by a text-based chatbot can be more customer-friendly when compared with some traditional human customer service. According to social response theory (Nass et al., 1994) and anthropomorphism theory (Blut et al., 2021), customers will perceive […]

Shopping Bots: Where the Money Goes, Shopping Bots Follow

There are many different types of bots that are being used by scalpers today. Let’s explore the different types of scalper bots in further detail. They have a simple tutorial in their mobile app which helps traders create their first bot and start trading. There is a deals tab split between In progress and Completed, […]